Thursday, 11 May 2017

Episode 14: Frank's First Look at Undimensioned and Unseen

WARNING: Discussion of Undimensioned & Unseen player cards in this episode!

SPOILER POLICY: we'll happily discuss player cards up to and including the Undimensioned & Unseen mythos pack. We'll skirt around encounter cards included in that pack, but talk freely about encounter cards from the core set up to Blood on the Altar.

In this episode, Frank looks at the player cards from Undimensioned & Unseen, which is incredibly hard to type repeatedly, released 11 May, and gives his first impressions. This episode isn't meant to be a definitive review, just Frank the dark horse with his inquiring mind and quick thinking trying to come to some conclusions. And, stay tuned, because he's joined by a special guest at the end of the episode!

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