Thursday, 25 May 2017

Episode 15: Talents

You always pack bandages. You're a dab hand at lightening someone's pockets. You do your best work alone. You can read a map really really well. You seek forbidden secrets. You adapt to situations around you.... You are: talented.

In this, the fifteenth episode of Drawn to the Flame, join Peter and Frank as they discuss another trait in Arkham Horror. In earlier episodes we've covered weapons, allies and spells, and now we turn to talents to discern what makes an investigator talented, what place talents have in the game and whether we could all use a bit more scavenging in our lives.

SPOILER POLICY: we'll happily discuss player cards up to and including the Undimensioned & Unseen mythos pack. We'll skirt around encounter cards included in that pack, but talk freely about encounter cards up to Blood on the Altar. NOTE: in this episode we don't talk about encounter cards much at all.

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