Thursday, 15 June 2017

Episode 18: Guidance from a Research Librarian

There are signs and sigils etched upon the ground at your feet, and they comprise a rough, hastily marked circle... a circle in which you stand captive. A... magic circle.

In this episode, Frank and Peter are trapped inside a magic circle and they've enlisted the help of wayward research librarian John to help them get free. Join them as they talk to John about play and games, about how Arkham Horror messes with the commonly accepted expectations in a card game, and hear how Frank forced John to play Eldritch Horror repeatedly.

SPOILER POLICY: we'll happily discuss player cards up to and including the Where Doom Awaits mythos pack. We'll skirt around encounter cards included in that pack, but talk freely about encounter cards from the core set up to Undimensioned & Unseen. Note: we don't get too specific about scenarios this episode.

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