Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Episode 19: The Story So Far II (Storier Farer?)

SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING All packs up to *Where Doom Awaits* mythos pack discussed! The full encounter set of Where Doom Awaits discussed! SPOILER WARNING ENDS

Join Peter and Frank for episode 19 of Drawn to the Flame. This is another spoiler-policy-breaking episode in which your hosts settle down with a cup of tea and a large dose of trepidation to discuss everything in the Dunwich Legacy that's brought their investigators to this point, everything they must face in Where Doom Awaits, and what may be lurking in the final, as-yet-unreleased scenario of the Dunwich Legacy cycle, Lost in Time and Space. This episode is a conversational, "watercooler" discussion, taking in the larger themes and story of the campaign, as well as sharing some of the hosts' favourite / least favourite moments. (Shoggoth, anyone?)

In addition, if you want to contact us, there are all the details below, and in this episode we've even asked you to do that. As the kids say: hit us up! (Do they say that? Maybe!)

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